2020 – Pre-Championship

Marcus, new co-host RJ, and silent Jo are back to bring you the hottest takes fresh out of the oven in the days before the final week of the fantasy football 2020 season. It’s been a crazy year in the world and in fantasy so join us as RJ explains his failures as manager, we discuss who will win it all, and of course as everyone expected: Steve in Toilet Bowl. Recorded December 23rd, 2020.

2020 – Preplayoffs

We are back for a second time! This is the Weekcap which is incorrectly named as of this year. In this episode, we will discuss the top 3 teams: Adam, Jason, Rudjy. David and Taylor also join me as we look forward. Only time well tell how these hot takes age. Recorded December 9th, 2020.

Post Draft Day 2017

Welcome the first actual podcast of season. Still not well produced because I am lazy. It’s me and Lieutenant Dan. He’s not dead yet! The cliffhanger is resolved! However, Dan needs a better mic. He doesn’t have a big enough paycheck for it yet. Recorded on September 6th 2017.

Week 8 2016

Everyone it’s Dan’s last podcast of the year. He has to go and do military things and stuff. We talk about Week 8 predication and what happened during week 7 and other topics about the league. We also pour one out for Dan since he’s leaving. Recorded 10/26/2016. Featuring Marcus Salinas and “Private Lt.” Dan Estrada. Not featuring Jo “The Flake Guru” Galindo.

Week 7 2016

Welcome to the Week 7 Weekcap. Jo has again joined Dan and Marcus to talk about the previous week, state of the league, and the upcoming week. Ramiro finally gets a win and RJ may pull a repeat of last year. Recorded 10/19/2016. Featuring Marcus Salinas, Jo “JG” Galindo, and “Lieutenant” Dan Estrada.

Week 6 2016

I don’t think Bailey is prepared for the shoutout we gave her when she started talking to Joey. I wonder when Jo will realize that we gave her a shoutout since I don’t think he listens to these. 🙂 Thanks for listening to the week 6 weekcap. Dan and Marcus talk about the previous week, state of the league, and the upcoming week. It’s a podcast of 2 made special for you. 😉 Recorded 10/12/2016. Featuring Marcus Salinas and “Lieutenant” Dan Estrada.

Week 5 2016

Coming to you live from Sunday Morning. A shorten version of the podcast since Dan had to get his brunch on. Talking about the upcoming week of games and the status of the league through week 5.  Recorded Oct 9th, 2016. Featuring Marcus Salinas, Daniel “Dan the Man” Estrada, Jo “JG” Galindo.

Week 4 2016

We had a Week 3 podcast recorded, but on the way to the drop off we were attacked by pack of wolves and the recording is now lost forever. May the recording go into legend as it was filled with the best jokes we have ever told. This less extraordinary podcast is filled with ramblings about the previous week and our predictions about week 4. Recorded Sept 29th, 2016. Featuring Marcus Salinas, Daniel “Dan the Man” Estrada, Jo “JG” Galindo.