TAMU Free Grade Distribution

Enter the course information into the submission boxes below and the next page will have the grade distribution for all the professors over the last 11 semesters including Summer 2016.

I created this because we had access to a great scheduler and grade distribution website in myedu before A&M took that away and gave it to another website that doesn't even have a scheduler and it charges you per course you want to look up. I just want this to be helpful to whoever uses. It's very simple and I don't know how much I'll update in terms of aesthetics, but I will keep updating the course data as long as I can.

It should have most of the classes. There are 11 total colleges I could pull the data from and the whole list can be found with the source code. If you are interested in improving what I've done then feel free. If you want the csv files I use as the back end to the server they can be found here. Also you can find the php and css files I use for the server here.

Thanks to Matthew for adding the Q drop column.

Now that I have some free time and a worry free head I was able to tackle to problem with the website. I have updated the code so you can find that in the source and it includes Fall 2016.I'm glad this website is helping people.

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Data gathered from Spring 2012-Spring 2017